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Freshie sessions are one of my very favorites to shoot. Probably because I remember this special time in my life with my own babies. Back in the dark ages ;) when we welcomed my first (15 years ago) we didn’t really take photos of babies at the hospital. Well, maybe a gal would come in and offer an expensive package for a face shot, but other than that. We really didn’t think about documenting all the special moments that happen between mom, dad, siblings and babe.

I can’t tell you what room I was in, what I was wearing or who my nurses were. It quite literally is a blur. I’m sure you’ve also heard people say, “After you have your baby all the pain from delivery is forgotten.” I think that’s true for the entire experience. The few short days you’re in the hospital just fly by. I feel privileged to be apart of the memory preserving process for that reason.

How neat to think that little Emily will look back on these images and know she was born on a cold winters day, in The Great PNW with her mama, daddy and brother by her side. She will ask “Where her oldest brother was that day?” Mama will be able to explain “He was there with them earlier, before the photographer got there.” Emily will be able to show her children and their children what she looked like brand new, what hospital she was born in and what her parents / brother looked like. Maybe there will be resemblances and they can compare baby photos. However these photos are used, I’m just so glad I got the opportunity to capture this moment in time, their love and sweet baby, Emily.

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