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Rachel contacted me and wanted a session ASAP! Her sweet babe was reaching 2 months and time was surely getting away. Rachel and her family lived kind of far, so we decided to meet in downtown Vancouver. I knew the weather would be too chilly for a little babe (seeing how we’ve had all this unpredictable snow,) but I absolutely had to capture this sweet and fleeting time, so I rented a studio..

The night before our session Rachel messaged, “Dad wants to go. He might jump in a picture or two with us.” I couldn’t be more thrilled! I adore family connection and was excited to have him join. They also brought their adorable (elderly pup) Roxy . I was surprised to see her off-leash when they arrived. Rachel wasn’t kidding when she said “well behaved” Roxy was a wonderful addition to our session. Maybe Rachel can give me some dog training pointers. My pup could use it. ;)

When our session began; Baby Brynn was having a bit of a rough start to her morning. I sat back and watched mom & dad as they were so calm and soothing. I would have (never in a million years) guessed Rachel was a first time mama. So seasoned and aware of her babies needs, Rachel knew just what to do. It was beautiful to witness these two amazing parents in action. I enjoyed our time together as we journeyed through our session. Witnessing the love they all share. Lot’s of laughing and funny moments!

I can’t thank these beautiful humans enough, for trusting me with their most precious of memories.

Forever grateful, so can’t wait to do it again!

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All those adorable details!

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