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I’ve always had a hard time expressing my feelings. Maybe it’s fear? Not wanting to be too vulnerable, or expose “too much.” What if people look at me differently? Think I’m not as strong as I let on. In this day and age of cyber bullying; judgmental fb groups, (even mom groups. let’s keep it real,) you can feel like the world is at your fingertips and still be so alone.

This week was a rough one for me. I dealt with a lot of emotions. The lows of trying to cope with my eldests health issues, receiving family news and it marks the 12th anniversary of my sisters death. Panic and fear of the unknown, overwhelmed my every move & with social media being at the forefront of just about everything. It’s easy to think, life is either horrible or it’s perfect. I’ve found it to be one BIG / jumbled, mixed up, beautiful mess and it isn’t always one way or another. Seasons come and go!

This season is a sad one, but I know there is a turning point.. This little session of my girls gave me all the feels. Friends, please don’t miss a beat. Document everything! I can’t emphasize the importance of photographs. This quote rings true to me more than ever “If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they are all you have left.” -Missy Mwac



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