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The Investment

There are several packages/prices to choose from Here at Vada Moon Photography. take a look and see what will fit best with your special occasion. If you have any questions or are looking for something different (not listed) Please contact me to discuss more options that may be right for you!

Commonly asked questions

“What is the best time to take photos?”

The absolute best time to take photos is golden hr. (an hr. before sunset). it has the most dreamy light and is very flattering.

Midday photos are harsh and can create heavy shadows on unwanted areas of the face eg: under eyes, as well as blown out backgrounds, etc.

Overcast days are also great for photos! it’s like a huge soft box creating soft and saturated images.

“Do you have outfit suggestions?”

Yes, I do! Clothing is so important to a great picture. I will send you the link to my pinterest. I have created several boards to help with clothing ideas for my maternity, newborn, family sessions and more!

Just a few quick tips:

Warm / neutral clothing photographs beautifully (love the tones) highly recommend you wear the following colors cream, brown (dark brown) beige, peach, coral, rust, copper, orange, mustard, olive green, teal and even throw in a cool tone with some black.

layers, ruffles, light (moveable) material, accessories, and texture, can all add interest to the image.

Please avoid logos or cartoon characters on your clothing, as it distracts from the true subject of the photo.

“What if I want more images?”

I’m excited and thankful that you do. I offer high-res digital images a la carte for $10 ea.

“Do you offer other products?”

heck yes! I love all things with memorabilia potential, from photo albums, keychains, custom boxes, metal magnets, matted folios and more!

Other products you may be interested in:

Prints - Fine Art Prints, Canvas (so many to choose from,) accordion booklets, Standouts, Metal Prints, Gift Tags, Two- sided wallets, book marks, business cards, Wood prints and ornaments for the holidays.

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Vada Moon Collections


Vicuna - $450

Up to 1.5 hr(s) session

Entire Gallery (40+)

High-Res Digital Images

Online (downloadable) Gallery

Print Release

$50.00 Print Credit

the ultimate package

This package has everything you need!!! From the high-quality (professional) prints, extended session time and the very most digital images. get more for less with this one.


Chantilly - $375

Up to an Hour Session

(30) High-Res Digital Images

Online (downloadable) Gallery

Print Release

oh yes!!!

Chantilly is one of my BIGGEST sellers! This package has all that and then some. The amount of images offered give the utmost storyline to your gallery. it’s the perfect yin and yang to your photo needs.


Muga - $325

Up to an Hour Session

(15) High-Res Digital Images

Online (Downloadable) Gallery

Print Release

cherry on top

this is the sundae of all packages. it’s the good mix between mini and full. it will leave you satisfied and with enough images to go around!


Organdy - $250

30 min. session

(5) High-Res Digital Images

Online (Downloadable) Gallery

Print Release

the perfect mini - without being too mini.

This package is great for someone who wants just a few good images, without compromising quality.